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I have lived in the greater Seattle area for the  majority of my life. After graduating from college I  was lucky enough to have taken a Euro trip with  several of my close friends. One of the many  memorable moments during the trip happened in  Prague. Where we took a free walking tour with an  awesome guide (who was originally from Seattle)  the tour alone made me think Prague was the  coolest city we went to. 
Upon returning home I soon learned that desk  jobs were not my cup of tea and began avidly  reading about Seattle’s history and conducting  walking tours with Hosteling International in  Seattle. With Summer in full effect I started Street  Savvy Walking Tours Seattle, so I could be  “working”, but benefiting from the things I  always loved as well: meeting new people,  learning, and lets be honest I don’t want to  miss out on any nice days being in an office. It  is my goal whether you have come from  another country, US city, or just down the  street when you return home I want you to  always think of Seattle as an awesome city. I hope you enjoy the tour…. Sean

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